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Recently I have been getting pop ups telling me my Comcast (window live mail) settings are out of date with no info on what to do. I have found this online. I am not even sure this information is accurate.  So before I touch ANYTHING, I need some advice. TY

How to Configure Windows Live Mail 2011

1.     Open Windows Live Mail.

2.     Click the Accounts menu, and select the +Email button

3.     Enter your email address into the Email Address field, your password into the Password field, and your name in the Display name for your sent messages field.

4.     Click the check-box for Manually configure server settings.


6.     Click Next.

7.     In the Server Type drop-down box, select IMAP.     (Currently POP3) 

8.     In the Server address field under Incoming server information, enter imap.comcast.net.

9.     Click the check-box for Requires a secure connection (SSL) underneath the Server address field. This will automatically change the Port field to 993.

10.                        In the Server address field under Outgoing server information, enter smtp.comcast.net.

11.                        Click the check-boxes for both Requires a secure connection (SSL) and Requires authentication underneath the Server address field.

12.                        Enter 587 into the Port field under Outgoing server information. (Already is 587) 

13.                        Click Next.

14.                        Click Finish.

Congratulations! You're done configuring your Windows Live Mail client to send and receive Comcast email.

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