I am using WLM 2012 on two Windows 7 PCs.  I am experiencing a problem syncing Calendar between WLM and outlook.com.  My outlook.com account syncs with two other computers (7 and 8.1) running Outlook 2013.  However, the Calendar fails to sync between WLM and outlook.com.

I had to restore my Calendar and Contacts a week or so ago.  That restore process involved copying the Contacts and Calendar from a backup location into my outlook mail account in Outlook 2013.  After that copying process was completed, Contacts and Calendar synced with outlook.com.  However, the Calendar in WLM was blank and has been blank for at least a week.

I have tried removing and recreating the outlook mail account in WLM several times on two PCs.  The WLM Calendar remained blank.  I uninstalled and reinstalled WLM on one PC and set two email accounts up from scratch.  The email in my Gmail IMAP account re-syncs and Contacts in my outlook mail account re-syncs.  Calendar remains blank in WLM, but is syncing properly between Outlook and outlook.com.  I am aware that there is a known problem with syncing on outlook.com.  I wanted to add this specific case to the problem list.  A fix or work-around would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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