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I recently downloaded the Windows Live Essentials 2012 installation programs for both British English and Universal English. After several unsuccessful attempts loading the British English version on a Windows 7 Home Premium notebook I loaded just Windows Live Mail via the Universal English version. It loaded OK, but I am having problems seeing JPEG images sent as email attachments.

So far I have looked at about a dozen emails I know have attachments. PDF and .mp4 attachments show up OK, but the very common .jpg type attachments I know are there do not appear. Instead I get an error message to the effect that the attachments are a prohibited file type which have been blocked because they are considered to be dangerous. Clicking on a Get Help tab on the error messages tries to open a Microsoft web page, but cannot - presumably closed since Live Mail was dropped. Adding the sender's address to a list of trusted senders makes no difference, and I cannot find any other place to change the blocking function.

How can I tell WLM to allow .jpg attachments to be viewed?

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