I am using Windows Live Mail v 2009 on one PC and Windows Live Mail 2011 on another one.  Both programs were have sub folders for "Backup" under Windows Live Mail in the App Data settings.  There are no files in the Backup folder on the pc running v 2009 but there are files in "Backup" folder on the pc running v 2011.

Also, there are no messages saved in ANY of the folders on PC running v 2009 since it recovered from a serious case of Windows 10 Upgrade.

This creates 3 questions for me:

1.  Why isn't the messages being saved to the PC running v 2009?

2.  I am using a backup program with external hard drive.  Can I simply include the entire App Data/Windows Live Mail folder in my backup set and be able to restore it to any Windows Live Mail client application if something would happen to this PC or the hard drive on this pc?

3. Is there anyway to create automatic backups of my email to my One Drive cloud account?

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