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I tried for help in the skype forum, but was suggested to ask in this forum as I got no help...
My issue is with Windows live mail, and skype (i think), when logging into my Microsoft account in WLM, it pull's in contacts that no longer exist in skype.
I have deleted all contacts in skype, and for some reason, WLM pulls in over 20 contacts , and alot of them cannot be deleted, the DELETE is greyed out.

Can someone please suggest how to get rid of these contacts?

I'm guessing there's a hidden file somewhere stored on my drive with this info stored in it... 
I tried uninstalling WLM, and completely deleting all files in users/(username)/Appdata/Local/microsoft/Windows Live mail/
then reinstalling WLM, and then logging into my MS account in WLM, and the same contacts come back.
And these contacts DO NOT exist in my "Peoples" contacts on my MS account.
There's one contact that says "echo123",  Echo/ sound test service.
I don't use skype, and Just trying to get rid of all association with it...

thanks in advance for any help!


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