I have 4 windows computers in my home.  I upgraded all 4 windows 8.1 computers to windows 10.  Each computer has 2 users, my wife and I, each with a separate login.  Upon upgrading all 4 computers would not open up calendar or live/Hotmail accounts.  I rolled one back to windows 8.1 so my wife and I could access our emails and calendar the others I just left as is in the hope that updates would correct the problem.  Today 2 of the computers are working great and we can access our user accounts, email and calendar etc., however my Microsoft surface pro laptop/tablet only allows my wife to access her email and calendar while I can't get mine to open.  I click on the start screen icon for mail or calendar and nothing happens although the tiles themselves are live.  Any ideas on how to fix this?  I won't update our 5 business computers or the one I rolled back at home until I have a fix for this problem.  While I'm here does anyone know where my contacts are so I can send out group emails from a list rather than trying to remember how I have people listed in my people file.




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