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I ported my wife's email (sadly, she has been using Windows Live Mail 2012) from one PC to the other. I exported them from the old PC and imported them on the new PC.

Old PC runs Windows 7, English version.

New PC runs Windows 7, Japanese version.

My wife has created a complex folder structure in which her email from several years are saved. One particular folder has some 20 emails. On the new PC, the headers shown in the email list (from, to, subject, date) look identical as on the old PC. However, the content of all emails is identical.

I want to stop using Windows Live Mail. It's not supported anymore. So, I export the folders to Outlook. In Outlook, there are now folders where all emails have not only identical contents, as above, but also identical headers.

TL;DR: The export process creates a mess.

Any ideas what I can do to export all emails to Outlook without errors of this type? Or at least from Live Mail to Live Mail?

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