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Hello! I finally decided to upgrade my desktop computer to Windows 10 today.

Prior to upgrading I chatted with someone at Microsoft Sales support to confirm that while Windows Live Mail is no longer supported, that I would be able to access my email (historical), contacts and calendar in WLM as I get used to the new mail app and migrate to the newer platform. I thought it would be best to ask this in advance as much of my family's life, important events, contacts etc… exist there and I didn't want to lose anything if it should be backed up or transferred before upgrading. 

Now that I have installed the Windows 10 upgrade, I do not find my Windows Live Mail or calendar….. oops... Any suggestions to help me migrate that information across or access it now would be appreciated. I did re-create my email accounts in the new mail app, so some emails are available.... I will spend some more time looking...

As I said any helpful suggestions would be appreciated.

Best Regards,


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