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I have an MSN email account through which I send and receive email on 2 PC's and 1 laptop.  The laptop uses Windows 10 and 365 platform for email (no problems).  One PC (an iMac) uses Mail (no problems).  The second PC has Windows 7 and was using Live Mail, version 2011, #15.4.3538.0513. Since this version is no longer supported, I have not been able to send or receive email on this PC.  I would like to update it in order to use the email again.

My questions are: 

1. What Windows program / version should I use for the update?  Can I stay with Windows 7 and just update the email program?  Or would it be easier to do a complete update and go to Windows 10?  

2. Will an update on one PC effect the sending and receiving of email on the other PC and/or laptop?  I believe the two Windows-based machines (a laptop and one PC) are synced.  When I delete email on one, it is simultaneously deleted on the other.  

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.   

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