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Question please. M.S.N tech support tried to help!! Windows live mail was working to a point by receiving mail some times. Would not download pix an literature from a real estate company and could not send went straight to hold folder.

Called M.S.N they assured me not a problem the files were corrupted? Sent he cure! after this fiasco nothing would work so had to wipe of Window essentials for H.D.

Called M.S.N yet again am told download Windows 10. I am running Vista Business so this is a no go.

Finally i thought i had found the cure by downloading W.Essencials 11 tried to do so. Now i am getting Error 0x80190194. Went back to M.S.N they cant seem to find the cure. some one must be kidding me.

Any of you super sparks out in never never land know the answer please.

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