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I use WLM 2012 to manage several email accounts including Hotmail, outlook, gmail,  btinternet, etc (Windows 7 64-bit).

Suddenly 4 days ago I got error messages when trying to send/receive on my (main) Hotmail account. All other accounts are still working, including other Hotmail accounts. I can still access this Hotmail account normally via outlook.com web service. I deleted the account from WLM and re-installed it. The account displays, along with all the folders and sub-folders - but EVERY folder is EMPTY, including the inbox. When I try to send/receive I get the message "check for new messages in Hotmail XXXXXXX    Executing", and it hangs there forever.

Some weeks ago I found that WLM was not displaying my sub-folders for this account, and I found that by adding a new subfolder to each folder then visibility of all the subfolders in that folder could be recovered.

Please can anyone suggest what needs to be done to get WLM 2012 to download/display all my emails within the folders ?

Many thanks. 

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