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I received an email today about needing to update Live Mail in order to still be able to use it.

So my problem is that the file refuses to open on my computer.

My daughter, whose more computer savvy than myself, was unable to open the update at all. My computer has Paint Shop Pro 5 on it and the file, which is a .msp file won't open in anything else. She searched around and still couldn't find anything to open it with, even when she tried online. The site itself only says this, which doesn't work:

My daughter grew frustrated with this and even tried downloading Orca to see if that would open it, but didn't understand how to use it. I am on a Windows 7 computer, and I DO NOT wish to update to 10. I struggle using computers as it is, so I want to stay with something I am comfortable with. I just want to be able to install this update so I can continue using Windows Live Mail on my computer like I have for years.

Thank You,

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