I've recently noticed a problem which is that the new e-mails I receive into my @hotmail.com account don't appear in Windows Live Mail 2012. I _can_ see them when I log into my Hotmail account via web browsers. Strangely, when I "update" / refresh my e-mail accounts (I have about 4 e-mail accounts all accessed via Live Mail), no error message appears, Live Mail connects to all the servers, "collects" all new emails (and appears to check with Hotmail servers, with a green tick confirming there's "nothing new"). I can read emails from servers and reply to them via Windows Live Mail, but those from Hotmail are not "pulled", as has been the case until recently. Strangely, I _can_ SEND e-mails from my Hotmail account via Live Mail, and they reach their destination.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this, i.e. how to make Live Mail 2012 "pull" messages which are _definitely_ in my Hotmail inbox? One thing which might have been related to the sudden "stoppage" is that I went abroad and Microsoft decided that a foreign IP = hack, asking me (when I tried to access Hotmail) to provide various extra credentials. Ironically, as the 2nd e-mail for such purposes I had set up was gmail, the good Google people also decided that my foreign IP = hack, asking me to provide extra credentials. In the end, in the catch 22 situation I gave up for a week but now I'm back (in the UK, by the way). Perhaps this "security threat" might have been related to the fact I can't receive Hotmail e-mails via Windows Live Mail? But then, I doubt it, as I can send them via Live Mail with no problems. Any suggestions would be really appreciated.



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