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Hi I received this mail and read the community notes.

It appears that you are currently using Windows Live Mail 2012 to connect to your Out‍look‍.‍com account. Windows Live Mail 2012 does not support the synchronization technologies used by the new Outl‍ook‍.‍com. When account upgrades begin at the end of June, you will no longer be able to receive email sent to your Out‍look‍.‍com account in Windows Live Mail 2012. Rest assured, you can always access your email by logging into Out‍look‍.‍com from any web browser, and you will continue to have access to all your data that is currently in Windows Live Mail 2012. 

All I can say is Microsoft are DESTROYING the good will of tens of thousand of customers. I like "old microsoft " and windows live 2012 is the closest to old outlook I can find. The new ones are RUBBISH with no features.

So if microsoft you are forcing me off the programs i love and have used for 20 years, I will learn google or something. You are so foolish. Just bring out office and mail 97 as a free set and you have me for life.

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