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Recently, I started receiving a certificate security warning when I open certain email.

The problem email include links to websites: one is Merriam Webster word of the day, and the other is my doctor's website

I went to the Merriam website and found that there is a discrepancy with the certificate

The cert was issued by a248.e.akamai.net for Merriam and I believe thawte for the other

It occurs in both my imap gmail and pop3 sbcglobal accounts, both of which use SSL

It does not occur in Outlook 2016 or if I go to the sites directly

The inbound/outbound ports are 995/465 for sbc and 993/465 for gmail

I am able to clear the warning by clicking yes or no repeatedly

Everything else seems to be fine -  no send/receive problems

I have tried the following:

adding the certificate when the error appears

adding the certificate through msc utility

disabling  IE 11 certificate checking under tools/security

removing and recreating the affected email accounts

verifying my time/date settings

I could probably live with it, but it would be great to eliminate the error,

I am attaching a screenshot of the error.


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