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I have Windows Live Mail 2012 (Build 16.4.3528.0331) installed on my PC (Windows 7 Pro 64-bit).

Practically every contact has been duplicated many times and can NOT be deleted (the delete option is grayed out).

In fact there are inexplicably hundreds of contacts that are called "Q" (with no name, no email address, no phone #, nothing stored in each of those), yet I can't delete them.

When I go to live.com and check the contact list there, "Q" isn't present there.   So what do I do?  Can't delete the "Q" contacts, nor will it let me edit them.   Is there a way to reach in behind the scenes and delete this?  I'm supposed to have maybe 3,000 to 4,000 contacts in my Windows Live Mail, yet over 16,000 of them show up, many duplicated.  Some state that they are "FROM" the address book, many have that column blank.

Any thoughts?

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