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I have recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10.  I do not like Windows 10 at all!  With that being said, I am having several problems with Windows Live Mail 2012. 

I have had Windows Live Mail for many years and do not want to change email providers.  My mail server is Suddenlink.  When I upgraded to Windows 10, my Windows Live Mail 2012 did not work.  I then removed the account and tried to add the account again using different settings and that did not work.  Microsoft even connected to my computer and did several things with the mail but it still did not work.  I contacted Suddenlink and still no answer helped.  I think through Microsoft forums and many others, I might be able to figure out the settings.  I had pop3 settings before but they were not working, however, I would like to keep them.  I've tried imap but it is still not as easy as just setting it up and it working. 

My problem is that I have added my account to Windows Live Mail 2012 about 6 times, trying to figure out my settings, and each time I removed the account before adding it again.  Now Suddenlink is in my Windows Live Mail 2012 six times even though I removed all accounts.  When I click on each Suddenlink, there are folders under each, but there are no properties because the accounts have been removed.

Please, how do I get rid of all these Suddenlinks?  Windows Live Mail 2012 is not deleting the entire account.

Thank you.

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