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I have two Windows 7 computers using WLM so I leave messages read on the server so that I can read them on both computers.  On both computers I have a set of storage folders to move messages I want to keep - they are not the same on each computer as I use them for different projects.  I delete messages I do not need from time to time.  On the laptop computer if I delete all Inbox messages I find that the next time I ask for new messages WLM starts to reread/download all the messages on the server - several thousand.  On the desktop computer this does not happen.  Why should this be?

I do not wish to delete all messages on the server as one expert suggested as a way to stop rereading.  It may help if someone can tell me how WLM remembers where it was when it last read messages and only read new messages.  Is there a pointer of some kind held on my computer?  Or does it do it some other way?  I can find nothing on the internet that answers this question.

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