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One of my Hotmail Accts (DeltaSync Protocol)--  has been migrated to Outlook Mail.   This has caused me big proplems.

I found how to change it to a POP3  but---I still can't use the Account!

I have 4 Accts --all hotmail--2 seem to be unaffected.  The other 2--a new--as yet unused Acct--and this migrated one, are a problem.  When I try to sync them I'm asked for Usernames and Passwords for POP3 Server.  They are not accepted---I get messages that the Password is wrong, no Authorization, and the request repeates.   When I try to send a test email to the affected Accounts--it doesn't send--bottom info bar continually shows "Authorizing"   but nothing happens. 

  How can I correct this mess.    I'm worried that my other Accounts might also be "migrated"--and I will have no email!

 I thought about resetting passwords--the migrated Acct is my backup email for my Microsoft Acct-----but can't get to the reset page for the affected Accts---only to my MS Acct  Sign-in page (ie for the unaffected default acct)

I know almost nothing about Computers or how to get out of this situation---can anyone help?

thanks in advance

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