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I use :

* Windows 7

* Yahoo Mail Pro

* Windown Live Mail (WLM) client app.

I recently reset my system. Since doing so the WLM app is unable to send out or received e-mails.

I can still send and receive when using the Yahoo web-site, but I really do need to use the WLM client app. because of the amount of data/folders etc within it. Having previously used 'Outlook Express' I also really like the WLM format.

I contacted Yahoo support and was told:

By default, we block access to Yahoo Mail from outdated apps that could leave your account vulnerable. A link then recommended :

" Remove your Yahoo account and re-add it to Windows Mail to activate the secure sign-in method."

Trouble is, I'm seriously reluctant to remove my Yahoo Account in case data within the WLM account is deleted when I do so. 

Aaaaaagh, please help!!!

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