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Hi, I having problems with WLM. I have two HP laptops one of which has a battery problem and finally gave up the ghost. Both laptops have windows 10. The old one which is now past it was running windows 7 until the windows 10 installation  but had no problems with Windows Essentials. I loaded Windows Essentials on the new one from the program I saved. However WLM worked ok except it could not send replies nor start new email. After exploring other remedies I uninstalled the program, deleted all WLM files and checked the registry for cling on's. I then downloaded another WLM from a community web site. Now when I install the program it stops and a messages pops up to say cannot install. An unknown error occurred Error: 0x800c0006 Source: PhotoCommonLang. Try again or Close.

WLM is an excellent email program and I would not like to go to another. Outlook,com does the job but it is web based or it has to be purchased.

Is there a solution to this problem?


Arthur Cooper

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