Windows 10 was installed on my PC about a month ago, I continued to use windows live which I have done for the last year when windows 8.1 was installed. Last Sunday things started to  go wrong & the following message appeared ;-

Unable to send or receive messages for the IMAP Talktalk (melpearson) account. Header download for the 'Trash' folder did not complete. Could not download new messages from the IMAP server.

 Server Response: The server did not respond to this IMAP command before the connection was terminated.

Server: ''

Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC0F

Protocol: IMAP

Port: 143

Secure(SSL): No

I cannot download incoming emails from talktalk although Gmail is working OK.

I have contacted talktalk and they rightly say they cannot support third party software and that Microsoft have made so many changes to the software they are struggling to maintain compatibility & I think they me be correct as I also keep receiving a windows live message stating ' Could not download new messages from the IMAP server' and another message stating that windows live is updating the system. At the moment I am receiving my Gmails ok but TalkTalk are upgrading their website which could add to the problem.

I am receiving all emails on my ipad so on that basis the problem seems to lie with the synching between Talktalk & windows live.

Has anyone else had this problem and what are the latest revised  Talktalk IMAP settings, I think this problem is 50/50 Talktalk windows live?


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