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I need assistance. I was excited to see that in my Windows Update bar, I was able to get Windows Live Essentials 2011. It was offered to me as an Optional Update. Which includes Windows Live Movie Maker, I need to use this program. However, when I first tried to install, it didnt work. After a few minutes, it worked, but for the past Hour and half the installation bar is still at 0%. I am using Windows Vista. I tried restarting the computer and it didnt work. I googled help and advice, and all I see is people directing both the user and the person who orginally asked the question, to fourms and other websites that dont work or dont exsist. DO NOT GIVE ME LINKS TO FORUMS/WEBSITES TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM! I need a straight and forward answer as to how I can get Windows Live Essentials 2011 to install and stop stalling at the 0% mark. Please be descriptive and percise with answers. I would be very greatful to whoever answers this question. 


Microsoft employees, do not give me links to fourms. Give me a detailed answer to solve this issue if you see this post. Thanks. 

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