Have been using this email program for several years without a problem. A few days ago I encountered a problem where it woont open. The facts:

1) Running Windows 7. Original install on this desktop

2) When I go to open it, I first get a pop up message saying "recovering the windows live database"

3) Next I get another pop up saying WLM has stopped working.

4) All 7 of my hotmail email accounts associated with WLM acct are working when I sign into them directly and on all Apple devices.

What I have tried thusfar:

1) Malware and virus scan. Clean

1) Attempted repair from the uninstall page. Didnt work.

2) Uninstalled and reinstalled. Didnt work.

3) Did a clean uninstall from CMD page and then reinstalled. Didnt work.

4) Deleted KB2670838. Didnt solve problem.

I have been trying to fix this for 2 days now and have scoured the internet looking for a solution. Any additional thoughts on how I might get my WLM back up and running again? Any advice would be very much appreciated. Chris

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