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Windows mail would not send or receive mail because he could not find wldcore.dll.  I have since copied and pasted this file along with wldlog.dll.  Windows mail will now download incoming mail only.  It does not allow you to open the new mail or any other type of mail.  The only warning you receive that it a problem has occurred.  When you open e-mail message and start typing it appears to be working as expected.  When you come to send the message it tells you that one of the characters in the address is incorrect.  Numerous reinstallations but always the same response.  A while trying to access this information.


At the same time as I started to have this problem the PCT's ability to create a zip compressed folder four emailing was compromised.  These are created with a padlock symbol won the bottom of the compresse folder.  This makes it impossible for the recipients two unzip or extract files from the folder.  This may be sheer coincidence that I am still trying to remove the lock or encryption.


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