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I have Windows Live mail and have used it for some years now. 

Up till a few weeks ago I *always* received an e-mail reminder at the beginning of the day for each of that day's events listed on my calendar. These emails have stopped as of 3/10/16 - my events are visible on the calendar but I don't get emails, and the calendar is not syncing consistently between my laptop and my phone or the calendar online at https://calendar.live.com - regular events show on all 3 calendars but the new ones I add only show where I add them (regardless of where I add them still get no reminders!). I do get transient pop up reminders in the phone and laptop but not emails.

I am signed in, under the correct account and email (only have one), under options I have ticked email notifications "Get reminders for events and tasks".

I don't get emails for my reoccurring events nor for any new events I add whether I add them via live mail, phone or online at https://calendar.live.com

I have been using Windows 10 since last year - had no problems with windows live mail until recently though I did notice that about a month before it stopped sending me email reminders, it would send them a day earlier which was annoying but better than nothing (I hadn't changed any settings - then or before they stopped altogether.)

I have tried the mail app in windows 10 but don't like it at all.  I have tried to repair it via Wlarp, no change. I can right click on my calendar and forward as email but that isn't what I am after. 

Windows live mail is working fine with normal emails, it just seems to have problems talking to my calendar!

I suspect it is due to one of those compulsory updates Windows 10 forces on you since I haven't done anything...

What can I do to get my email reminders working again?? This is driving me crazy!!!

Is there a separate app I can install that WILL send me reminders as I NEED a RELIABLE calendar that will send me ALL my calendar reminders on the day I NEED them!

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