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I am currently on Windows 8.1 (HP notebook purchased in fall 2013).  On my START screen, I have a mail app on top left of screen that I clicked that gave me access to my OUTLOOK and GMAIL accounts.  I usually use GMAIL and preferred the 'look' of this GMAIL over the Google mail web version I can still access.  Yesterday, the mail app turned a 'paler blue' than normal, and although it shows the most recent email that I received when I click on the tile, it says the app can't open...and I should go to the Windows store????  Based on what I read on the web, I tried repairing Windows Essentials 2012.  It says it was successfully repaired (no details though on what it repaired if anything), I restart computer but still app doesn't work (shut down, start again doesn't work).  Everything else on my computer works fine.

What should I do?????

Note:  I cannot switch to Windows 10...had done this last year, & had graphics card incompatibility issues...had to reinstall Windows 8, then 8.1.  I also read online that Windows Essentials 2012 is no longer supported by Microsoft, as of January 2017.

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Ontario, Canada

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