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Here are some very frustrating issues wit this client:

1.  When i search for an email, if i click the back button, my search is gone and i have to repeat.  So if 100 emails are returned by the search, on a bad day, i might have to repeat the search 100 times if what I'm looking for is in the 100th email. 

2. I often work with multiple emails at a time - where i have one open in a window while i compose another email in a new window.  To do this in Mail, i have to first open each email, which by default opens within the mail client window, click a button to pop it out into a new window..then repeat the process for each email i want in a separate window.  Why isn't there an option to open emails in a new window?

3a. I can not drag one email into a newly composed email.  

3b. I can drag emails to Windows Task 
3c. I cannot drag emails to my desktop or any other apps

4.  Emails all open by default in the same window - but calendar, people/contacts, and tasks open in different popup windows.  Why can't these simply open in the same window or as panes?

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