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Since approximately two days mail windows 10 mail app does give me access to my Office 365 mails anymore.

It works via the web browser, but it stopped working for the mail app a few days ago. I don't know the exact point in time, but I got some mails on the 25th January, which is the last one I got.

Mail version is the latest and greatest (?) according to microsoft store.

I've tried to restart the mail and the computer without success. If I click on sync, it says "Syncing..." including the animation, but nothing happens even after waiting a very long time.

Is there some log file or similar which can provide me with further insight into the problem?

Experiencing similar problems? Any advice on how to solve them?

Edit: After removing and adding the account, the things seem to work again.

Is that really the best way to keep this app working? Removing and re-adding the account(s)?

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