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I have been using Windows Mail for a few days as my laptop crashed and I put in a new SSTD hard drive, and have been installing and re-installing several programmes.  Unfortunately I cannot use Outlook 16 because my server Karoo does not support something or other that is needed as a security issue.  We have our own communications system here and have to use Karoo.  Therefore as there is this issue with Outlook I was advised to use Windows 10 Live Mail.  I managed to transfer a few files across from Karoo (who are not really an email server, as the technicians often tell us).  Anyway I was fine using Windows Mail, but for some reason this afternoon my "Sent" box disappeared.  I have still have my "Inbox" but as I say no 'Sent" box.  So if I create an email and send it off, I have no copy of it anywhere.  I don't even know if my recipient has received it, unless I ask to tell me if they do get it.  Where on earth, or what did I do to make my "sent" box disappear.  Please Please help I am working so hard to bring my laptop back to a full working condition.

Thanks for any help.


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