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I bought this laptop specifically to use windows movie maker and worked fine after download when operating on windows 8.1  After being requested numerous times to do so I upgraded to windows 10 and can no no longer use Movie maker.   I have tried many times to download it since and am fast reaching the point of defection to the 'Apple'

I cannot understand why I would be pestered to do an upgrade to a system that makes my pictures difficult to access and video editing impossible.   I don't make purchases over the internet for personal reasons so I need to use Movie maker.

I have tried downloading it many many times from that rude microsoft site that says 'if you must have it here it is'  but it won't work.  Whether I try to download just movie and gallery or all of windows essentials I cannot seem to get it.  It says it has downloaded but is nowhere to be found on the pc and believe me I have looked for it.

I have been a fan of windows and microsoft since 3.1 but I cannot fully express how disappointed I am with then now without resorting to language I don't use.  I have seen other posts about it but they are not helpful for my problem.  

Any help would be much appreciated.


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