21. July 2020 · Write a comment · Categories: Uncategorized

Just when do you intend on admitting and fixing your gmail problem? It has been over a week since YOU BROKE GMAIL! You have taken a good program, Windows and turned it into an unreliable mess! I keep hopping you would get your **** together and put out an update that actually works, but it's only a dream!

I feel like you knowingly and vengefully BROKE GMAIL CONNECTIVITY! Prove me wrong, please! I just find it hard to believe that NONE of your beta-testers use gmail and didn't find any problems! You definitely need to find somebody that knows what they are doing! For now, please quit trying shove your broken downgrades on your end users! This is criminal that you broke my lifeline to the world! Thanks for nothing!


By the way, this is NOT WINDOWS LIVE MAIL! That program actually worked good until you replaced it with Windows Mail!

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