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I have been running a Win7 desktop using WLM 2011 on a POP3 basis with my comcast/xfinity email account. I am now moving to a new Win10 desktop and am looking for the best email migration approach to retain my WLM 2011 history (about 1400 emails, largest folder is 489; plus 156 contacts).  Since I have been a POP3 user all my emails, folder structures, and list of junk mail domain names are stored on my Win7 machine. I would prefer to keep all my emails and contacts within my Win10 email client.

Win10 Mail App functionality would be sufficient for me but I understand that it is not compatible with my WLM 2011 EML files.  I am reluctant to try to install WLM 2011 on my Win10 machine, since with no ongoing support I worry that program could just bring future problems. I am open to switching to a non-Microsoft email client that can support my EML files in a simple migration, but it would need to be one that is well-supported and reliable when run on Win10.  Given these parameters, I would appreciate advice on what options to consider for this Win10 email migration.


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