24. March 2019 · Write a comment · Categories: Uncategorized
   I have had a copy of Win10-Pro, in my toolbox for more than a few months; I desire to keep my Win7-Pro O/S and, to augment it withe the Win10-Pro O/S, but that I would have prefered to be able to have the "Kilbit" function to be available, as was originally advertized, on the Win10-Pro O/S.    Is there any plan to make the "Kilbit" function available on the Win10-Pro O/S or will that become some additional cost add-on for the Win10-Pro O/S?  I found this query table whence I was investigating the reason as to why my "Windows Live Mail" program file, was not working properly, anymore.  POST: 02:30Z-UTC, Sunday. 24 MAR 2019.

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