Hi, I have read quite a few of corresponding posts but feel I need more help. My wife's Laptop,  win 8.1 has Live mail (live.co.uk not live.com). When selecting photo then "send to mail recipient" it gives error that no mail program is associated with it or not installed. I have checked that mail is default (the listing is "mail" not "live mail") and I have done repair to Win Essentials (I have 2011 not 2012) should I uninstall 2011 and install 2012 or would this have been addressed in windows updates? Also if I copy photo and try to paste into email it will not paste. I have never had these problems with previous mail programs. My wife does not usually send photos so I cannot give accurate account of how long she has had this problem. I am not 8.1 savvy as I have Win 7 on my Laptop, and I cannot find how to access the properties to check ports or settings. Your help and assistance would be appreciated. Thank you.

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