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About a week ago I noticed that word searches in Win Live Mail were showing results if the words were in the From or Subject of the emails. This has happened simultaneously on two completely separate computers, leading me to suspect that a windows update has changed something.

I've checked the indexing options and they all seem to be correct, with the storage folders being indexed and the Advanced Options .eml extension set to Index File contents using Windows Live MIME Filter

I've tried moving the email storage folders to another place, and re-indexing. I think the Index is ok because searching with Windows explorer does find words within the email contents.

The most recent win update I have is KB4023834 and there is no way to remove or disable it. If anybody has any ideas how to restore proper word search to WLM or remove a win update that has gone past the 10 day trial period, I'd be most grateful to hear about it.

The word search is an essential part of my business, and I have 10,000s of emails to search on a daily basis.

Thank you for your help! :)

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