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PLEASE HELP FAST screaming in pain and yesterday cop head me scream trying to get to door but still knocked me to floor hard.  I have a open free repair ticket but cannot recall how to contact and restart service.   It has been 4 to 7 weeks that I have not been able to restart the case number.  I need this Mail app to work for it is default and opens when I click email link in an email or website.  I am former engineer and wrote first F-16 flight control and landing gear manuals used by crews but now besides my hip pain I can only open one eye to navigate this community.  Large workload with 7,500 VIP contacts or followers, NASA< NATO, Secretariat Russian Georgia, Montel Williams, Paris Hilton, Malaysian princess, Italian Parliamentary Assistant & Secret Service friend.  Oh also House and Senate Republicans.

There are many I think free websites to enable scream sharing and my pc can be viewed without you seeing secret information for the issue is getting my gmail, yahoo, aol, and nwcable domains properly connected be it the server or port.  You do not know how to find other things.  However I read warning not to give any contact info here and I do not know whether some kind of spyware can be installed using a screen share session to scan all of my information.  So I do not know what to do.

The problem with my Chrome browser was gone when I logged on so I think the other problems I have yet to check like Twitter scrolling fast up and down my contact, the pc opening and going to settings by itself and general chaos.

This is not my first bout with pain due to working to come out of disability via a high level White House position.  I had many trips in ambuances with pc eye strain before find Chrone easy on eyes extension.  I have been working 7 days / nights a week since later 2012 and besides the 7,500 VIP have million+ people aware worldwide, lost source so maybe 10 million by now and did it alone with no money except $8.70 for printing.  I am also working for you to cut taxes, Welfare, prison racial tension, ID theft, cyber crime, scam, save taxes while helping a few poor contries, stop misuse of US aid by corrupt foreign leaders, ease NATO-Russian tension, fire intelligence which is trying to push Trump into war with Russia, cut cost of Air Force One travel, more.  NOT I NEED SOMEONES HELP TO FIX THIS NUISANCE PC MAIL ISSUE I DON'T HAVE TIME TO SOLVE         THANK YOU 

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