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Since I have to go soon, I'll try to keep this post short, though that might not be saying much.

A while ago my computer (Windows 7) experienced a weird glitch where uninstalling Steam resulted in uninstalling almost every program on my C drive. After getting my computer restored, some programs were still lost but were still listed in the Start menu for some reason. All of my Windows Live programs were lost. Fast forward to now, and now I would like to make some YouTube videos. I specifically want to use Movie Maker as my editing software. I have the Windows Live offline installer, but whenever I try to use it it says that I already have all Live programs installed, even though they're clearly gone. I cannot find any of the Windows Live programs in Programs and Features. I already went through regedit and removed some keys that seemed Movie Maker-related. Tried using the offline installer, and... nothing! This problem is really frustrating me. Can someone tell me where all Windows Live registry entries are, or could someone recommend any software that might be able to detect and remove them for me? (Not Wise Program Uninstaller, it cannot locate them either.) It would be nice enough if someone told me how to get Movie Maker back, but it would be awesome if someone told me how to get all Windows Live programs back! (That's optional, though.)

Thanks in advance!

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