Does anyone else have this problem?  When I reply to or forward a message using Outlook for Mac 2011, the Date Sent from the message that I am forwarding, or replying to, is not included in my message.  Under Outlook > Preferences... > Email Composing, I use the middle radio button under Attribution of Original Message, which says it will "Include From, Date, To, Subject lines from original message".  This preference option only displays the other 3 attribute lines in the header of the prior/original message, but not Date Sent.  

I've tried all three radio buttons to this option, none of which include the Date. Any suggestions?  I assume this is a Severity 2 defect of Outlook since not including the date of a reply or forwarded message renders Outlook application almost useless as an email tool, unless someone wants to manually add the date to most every forwarded message and email reply or look like he's/she's hiding the date sent for some reason.

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