Dear sir,

I am using for last so many years Hotmail as my business mail and google and yahoo as my personal mail, I have bought latest Android based Samsung Galaxy Note ( GT-N7000) which is full compatable   with Google mail and Yahoo, I can see new and old all mails and mails in all folders same as we see on computor/Laptop.

But Hotmail i can not see more than 30 days mails when we instll it gives us option of only 30 days and beyond that no inbox and sent mail possible to see.
we can not see old mails lying in different folders which are regularly required to see as history dealing with our customers and suppliers.

One style of in built hotmail is in Galaxy Note mobile phone in that we get only to 12 days mail and we downloaded other icon for hotmail with different format that shows 30 days mail only

It is very strange that only hotmail has proble none other email has problem , my friends switched to other options of google ,but i would like to know if you can guide us some provision us so that we could see all our mail new and old including folders as we see normally at laptop ,where i have no problem using in Hotmail.
waiting your reply
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