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Hi, I have had Windows Live Movie Maker on my Windows 10 device for a while, and have had no problems up until a few weeks ago. First time round it was Movie Maker corrupting the files altogether, like where you just get the little yellow '/!\' thing, however this seemed to have fixed itself, but the video I drop/upload into movie maker are darkened. Not completely dark, the audio still plays and I can still see the video, however there is a black tint over the video which significantly hinders the quality of it.

I figured this may be to do with the fact i'm using a highly outdated version of Windows Movie Maker (i'm aware you can no longer download it as it has been discontinued) and tried to use the Microsoft Video Editor which is meant to be compatible with Windows 10, but it does the same with the videos on that too. I have tried multiple videos to see if there is a difference though it's the same no matter which video I upload.

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