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hello Community,

I have a feeling that WMM (not live version) may  -   (as one member put it - everything has its time )     needs to be replaced for me.    I have been loving it for many years    -  overcoming the many problems it seems to produce.

However this time I am really stuck (blank screen importing videos )  and I am wondering if any other members have tried alternative video editing programs.

  I note there are many, so expect everyone DOES have a favourite,    but hoping a few suggestions would be a helpful start.    

My concerns are;-    ease of use,    and I guess this means fewer features

                                 ability to fade the sound,   (wmm doesn't really do this)

                                 output to DVD

                                 text on pictures and credits

                                 chopping up any video imports

                                 conversion from .mov software included

                                 suitable with windows 10

thankyou for helping.

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