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Folks, I've tried to find a solution to two issues I have with Live Mail Version 2011 (Build 15.4.3555.0308) on my home desk top Dell OptiPlex 3020.  Every time I open LM, after downloading both my business and personal emails, I get a notice that says something about not being able to download the LM calendar(?)  I don't recall ever trying to set up the calendar.  It's just an annoyance to see that and cancel it every time.  In addition, (and more troubling) if I have one or more attachment pictures on an outgoing email and click on one just to confirm I've attached the correct one or two, I get a notice in the top bar that LM is "Not Responding".  I've tried waiting it out for a while but ultimately, usually have to restart LM which deletes my email and then I have to retype the message and reapply the attachments!

This weekend, I tried a query via Google on my Dell Laptop where I have Live Mail Version 2012, to find the most current version of LM.  I couldn't find any reference to anything with a higher number than 2012 but did find one that said there's never been an update for LM only.  When I followed the simple steps to verify my Version for 2011 as noted above, it appears I've got the most current version!  (WHAT!?!?)  I'm almost 80 so bear with me.  Wouldn't it be logical to assume that 2012 is a later and more up-to-date version than 2011?  Perhaps one key issue is how well Essentials works with Win 10 and which is the best version of LM to go with Win 10.

Is there a better MS or even a stand-alone email program that is more stable and won't exhibit these continual, bothersome anomalies?

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