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Ok finally I can (maybe) talk to someone other than the computer.

My big questions is where are

saved emails?How do I send this...my screen locked up!!

I move them into a folder and then when I go to the folder it isn't there!!!

I start a search and it still SAYS ......in other words...GONE!

DO you have any idea how frustrating this is for a senior (74) who should be out walking in the sunshine but instead is trying to find emails from their daughter.

This did not happen when I had Windows 7......Can I get that back?

I hate the email format.....I preferred the old one and would like it back!!

I had no troubles with Windows 7......Windows 10 gives me a headache!

I do not need an update that is going to feature more links to advertising infactI am not alone with this complaint......I am thinking of going back to the old fashioned way

of communicating....much less stress making!!

Many of my senior friends feel the same way and you can bet we spread the word! Question:How can I refuse updates?

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