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I've done extensive searching for a solution. It seems everyone that has experienced this problem has found a solution; but nothing I have tried works. My Gallery is littered with unwanted Xbox .png files, OneNote .png files, Skype .png files, Microsoft .png files, etc....

I will tell you that I know for a fact it was my fault and they are not there for any unknown reason. By accident I imported everything from my external hard drive into this APP. It imported 27000 pictures. Little did I know that most of these pictures I imported were complete nuisances!

Within the App I have tried Settings>Sources> and so far I have only four items in the list: C:\Users\User\Pictures, D:\PLAYA\My Photos\IPHONE PICS\2019, C:\Users\User\OneDrive\Pictures, and C:\Users\User\Pictures\Our Time With German Girls. These are the four items in Sources. I have gone to each of these items File Explorer locations and made sure they contained only the photos I desire to be in the App.

I have Updated my: Windows Update (Last Checked: Today, 5:10 PM) and restarted my computer.

Yes, I can Right-Click a single, unwanted, item and reveal it's File Location; but I cannot delete them. Not only because I'm receiving a "File Access Denied" message, which gives me two options: 1) Try Again and 2) Cancel … but also, because I don't want to delete these items permanently in case they serve a purpose. I simply don't want to see them in this Photo App. 

What am I doing wrong? What am I missing? Is there something I haven't tried? Is there something I don't know?

If I cannot find a solution to this problem the easy way. Is there a way I can wipe the App clean and just start my collection all over again? I don't have a problem with that. I do have all my wanted pictures and photos backed up on my external hard drive; but it would be nice if this issue could be resolved the easy way.

PS. I also read somewhere that Windows Live Essentials could be updated or changed to potentially resolve this problem, but I cannot find Windows Live Essentials in my Control Panel>Programs>Programs and Features list. Is that why I'm having this issue?

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