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I'm running w's 7 and am very confused by the WLM storage folder hierarchy (used to be found in C:UsersUser NameApp DataLocalMSWLM - now my App Data folder is gone in W's Explorer, even if I enable "show hidden files and folders")

But when I use search, that file path does appear, as do the WLM folders!?

The reason I want to access and understand the hierarchy of these folders is that periodically emails I've saved in some custom folders I've created w/in the WLM app (client?) suddenly go missing. (When I attempt to read those saved emails I get a "Message cannot be found" error.) So I have tried many times, to restore those missing emails by 1) importing the storage folder into the WLM app (which also gets very confusing to view in the app, due to folder duplications etc - see below)

or 2) copying them from the folders listed below into the custom folders I've created in the app

I use POP3 to access mail from my server and WLM scatters any saved emails in the WLM "Storage" folder and 4 sub-folders that are labeled "Imported" including  some with "Fo 359" and "e1f" appended. Also sub-folders: Deleted/Sent/Drafts

Emails are also stored in 2 folders labeled with my server's name: Wavecable" with (f6) and (a4b) appended, then in sub-folders like: Save/Deleted/Drafts/In box/Sent/Junk. Not all these sub-folders appear in the main folders, which adds to the confusion.

I find this whole system to be quite unnecessarily convoluted and impossibly difficult to understand, let alone explain!

I've tried ALL the suggested fixes for this problem, including repairing WLM

It's also very annoying that when you export messages (to back them up) they are exported in a proprietary file format that can only be opened in WLM, so are useless if one wants to access them via another email program. Good grief what a pain all this is!

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