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I am running Windows Photo Gallery 2012, Version ending 16.4.3528.331.    The problem is that PG used to always display the "album" or folder names in the Table of Contents, but something went ZING!  and now all I see in the TOC is the very un-useful "all photos and videos",  and I am unable to get PG to go back to simply showing me the ever-so-useful album or folder name in the TOC, with the pictures then displayed by MONTH and YEAR in thumbnails on the right.    

This all happened very inexplicably with no triggering event that I know of.   It just went ZING! and I can't restore this to its prior functionality.      Seeing the TOC in this mode is not very useful or functional.   Doing a "group by" by "folder" doesn't seem to restore it to its previous state, either.     

Yes:  Please help.

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