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In reply to Juzar_Ali's post on March 30 2016:

To get better clarity on the issue please answer the questions below;

  1. What is the current version of Windows Live Mail installed on your PC?
  2. What is the current operating system installed on your PC?
  3. Did you made any recent changes to your PC?
  4. Do you face the similar issue when you access your account through web browser?
  5. Do you get any error message when you try to send an email?

Please get back to us with the above information so that we can assist you further.

I have the same problem as William Conti and my answers to Juzar_Ali's questions are as follows.

1. Windows Live Mail 2012.

2. Windows 7

3. No changes have been made to my PC or my wife's PC. (she is having same problem)

4. Access through web browser appears to work.

5. " The message could not be sent

      the settings on your outgoing email(SMTP) server may need to be reconfigured

      please contact your email server provider

      server error 450

      server response 450 4.4.0 relaying temporally denied

      cannot resolve PTR

      server: mail.TPG.com.au

       windows live mail error id: Ox800ccc79

       Protocol: SMTP"

I sent a copy of error message to email server provider (tpg.com.au) who suggested that I contact Windows Live Mail Support Team.

Could you please help?


Robert Benzie

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