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I cannot sign into Windows Live Mail.  

You don't need to sign in to Windows Live Mail. You can simply cancel the sign-in dialogue and use the program without being signed in. Is this where you're running into trouble?

Perhaps you meant something different. You may be asked to log on to a mail server in order to send and receive messages:

If this repeatedly fails, cancelling will usually cause an error message to be displayed explaining what's wrong. Please quote any such error message in full.

The more details you give of the problem you're facing, the greater the chances of our being able to help.

Same problem.  Windows mail will not accept my password.

Unable to send or receive messages for the Gmail (phealy777) account. Header download for the 'Inbox' folder did not complete. The operation was canceled by the user.

Server Response: AUTHENTICATIONFAILED] Invalid credentials (Failure)
Server: 'imap.gmail.com'
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC0F
Protocol: IMAP
Port: 993
Secure(SSL): Yes

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