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---Original Title: Windows Live Mail---

Windows Live Mail stopped sending and receiving messages.  It seems to be my default method of sending my documents, photos and emailing scanned items, so I'm unable to do those functions.  I found a Wiki article that says that this is because the new version of Outlook.com (Outlook Mail) no longer supports the DeltaSync protocol that is the default configuration for Microsoft email accounts like Windows Live Mail. 

The article explains how to work around part of the problem by using IMAP instead.  But the first step the article gives (which it says will ensure that the account folders remain intact during the transition) doesn't work for me because it says select Properties (in the folder pane) and on the General tab deselect "Include this account when receiving mail or synchronizing," but there is no such option under General.

Should I just ignore this step and try to set up a new IMAP account?

Can I change some setting so that Windows Live Mail no longer is selected automatically when I want to send photos, documents and scanned items?  How do I do this?

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